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Chimp Belly Bongo

A chimpanzee plays belly bongos on a dude.

Breastfeedingat 8

Kids who are a little too attached.

Girl Slaps Mom With Piece Of Pizza Saves Life

via ABC 7 Florida


Not sure

WTF Lion Attacks Preacher

For more videos, visit A delusional preacher enters the lion cage at a local zo.....

WTF Japan Seriously Bananas

Learn more about this video and see tons of Japanese WTFery at the WTF Japan Seriously blog:

Hey old man Have You Seen My Friends

WTF Of The Week Baby Yoga


Florida Police BLOW UP Stuffed Horse Toy Mistaken For Bomb

After 3 hours of my sons elementary school being on lockdown for a bomb scare, and my anxiety being at an all time high, the attack of the 5 inch tall...