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Enterprises Cliqr Technologies helps you move your apps to the cloud

If you a CTO in an Enterprise, Cliqr Technologies helps you move your apps to the cloud. Here's how. Learn more at:

ElasticBox helps you deploy apps on cloud infrastructure

Enterprise developers will love this company, just launched: which makes deploying new apps to the cloud simpler. Here I vis...

Techstars Cloud kicks off and here Jason Seitz director gives us a tour

Three months ago Techstars Cloud moved into a building in San Antonio, Texas. Today they are graduating and here I visited Techstars to see the compan...

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INCREDIBLE Bottom Literally Falls Out of Cloud

Video of a deluge of rain falling out of a cloud over Montgomery, Alabama during a thunderstorm


Cloud doesn't have a lot of menu options for mundane tasks. Attack, Magic, and Item aren't great choices when it comes to just trying to run...

StreamNation copies all your cloud media into a central hub

Joining multiple cloud services is great for maxing out your storage, but keeping on top of all them can be a chore. StreamNation's latest update...

Davos Shifting business to the cloud

CNN's Nina Dos Santos talks with Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP, about accelerating the company's push into the cloud.

LiveLeakcom Very Odd Phenomenon Appears In The Clouds

Cool clouds and lights... ooooooh... sparkly

Cloud that looks like a flying saucer

Watch the latest breaking news, politics, entertainment and offbeat videos everyone is talking about at Get informed now!

LiveLeakcom Undulatus Asperatus Undulating Waves of Clouds Motion Spectac

From OP: Crazy wave clouds rolled over Lincoln NE on July 7, 2014. From wiki: Undulatus asperatus (or alternately, asperatus) is a cloud formation,.....

Hacking raises cloud storage questions

Kristie Lu Stout explains the concept of cloud computing in the wake of a high-profile celebrity hacking

LiveLeakcom Strange 039Elephant Trunk039 Space Clouds Surround Star Clu

A telescope in Chile has captured the most detailed views ever of odd clouds of interstellar dust that are being sculpted into strange shapes by the w...