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Twilight Zone scene out of context

I was watching this episode and figured that this particular scene would be really funny when taken out of context.

Mitt Romney For Obama 2012

Romney makes up for taking Obama out of context.

Saga shows off what Google Glasses could do albeit today

Saga is a new kind of app. It studies what you do. How you do it. When you do it. Where you do it. Who you do it with. It's an app that studies y...

Indepth look at contextual SDK from Qualcomm

Context. It's the next frontier. Your mobile phone will know a lot more about you. Not just where you are, but what you are doing. What you are l...

A Tesla and Twist test drive all in one

Yesterday I got to drive a Tesla S test drive. But why? To try out a new iPhone app that lets people know when you are going to arrive. Get the app he...

Video Romney fabricates new Obama to avoid inconvenient facts

Rachel Maddow hosts MSNBCs top-rated primetime show, The Rachel Maddow Show. The show features Maddows take on the biggest stories of the day, includi...

Dirty Girl Nicholas D039Agosto striptease

Dirty Girl is a legitimately great movie. In context, this scene is quite emotional (and sad and funny). Out of context, it's just Nicholas D...

Video Mortgage apps go through the roof

Video on CNBC's Diana Olick provides context to the staggering number of people applying for mortgage loans, the highest level in six ...

Shut up about the yaxis It shouldnt always start at zero

collected by 2 users

What commenters get wrong about charts. Subscribe to our channel! If you write things on the internet, angry email is inevitabl...