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Don Lemon On CNN 039I Think They Want Me To Be The GoodLooking Black Guy0

CNN anchor Don Lemon made a surprising admission about the network that employs him in a cover story for Creative Loafing Atlanta (CLA). The interview...

CNN Brandon McInerney On Trial For Lawrence King Murder

Brandon McInerney, a 17-year-old driven by white supremacist beliefs, executed gay classmate, Larry King, at school with two gunshots to the back of h...

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Dog Eats A Lemon And Goes Crazy Video

A boxer tastes a lemon and proceeds to lose his mind.


TRIPPY LEMON DRINK: 1 Lemon Lime Soda Fizzy (Sprite, 7 up, etc..) 20 ml Lemon juice Lemon Juice Lemon juice 15 ml Sugar Syrup Pre-Made Sugar Syrup 4...

Lemon uses the NWord and explains why

Don Lemon feels the N-Word is toxic, and used gratuitously, but he feels it's appropriate if pertinent to a news story

Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time

Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time

Lemon on Putin Obama and Sterling

Lemon on Putin's verbal cracks towards Hillary Clinton, Obama pumping iron in Poland, and Sterling agreeing to sell LAC

Dr Don Lemon gets ribbing from Jay Leno

CNN's Don Lemon got an honorary degree from Emerson and traded zingers with Jay Leno.

Don Lemon Says Missing Plane Sucked Into A Black HOLE

CNN's Don Lemon speaks about missing Malaysian airline

Dog Fights A Lemon Sees His Reflection For The First Time Video

A cute puppy tries a lemon, battles it, and then sees himself in the mirror for the first time.

How to Make a Lemon Twist CHOW

It's not just about a pretty twist of lemon peel; it's about the lemon zest and the citrusy oil, and all of that nestling in your glass and ...