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CNN Brandon McInerney On Trial For Lawrence King Murder

Brandon McInerney, a 17-year-old driven by white supremacist beliefs, executed gay classmate, Larry King, at school with two gunshots to the back of h...

Don Lemon Talks About New Role Responsibilities As Gay Public Figure

Don Lemon spoke to NPR last week about his new role and responsibilities as a gay public figure. It

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Lemon welcomes five Cosby accusers

Don Lemon preview his forthcoming special "The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire" which airs Monday at 9p ET

Dog Eats A Lemon And Goes Crazy Video

A boxer tastes a lemon and proceeds to lose his mind.

Lemon Rowe on Sistine Chapel ceiling

Don Lemon and Mike Rowe discuss the taste of chicken, high wire window washing, and posing within famous artwork


TRIPPY LEMON DRINK: 1 Lemon Lime Soda Fizzy (Sprite, 7 up, etc..) 20 ml Lemon juice Lemon Juice Lemon juice 15 ml Sugar Syrup Pre-Made Sugar Syrup 4...

Don Lemon tours Baltimore with local writer

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Born and raised in Baltimore, writer D. Watkins leads Don Lemon on a tour of the city that has found itself at the center of the nation's news cy...

Don Lemon interviews NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton

Don Lemon joins NYPD's Bill Bratton for a wide-ranging interview that touches upon racial profiling, body cameras, and the state of policing in A...

Don Lemon Defends Ferguson Pot Shot The Guy Was Smoking a Joint Celebr

Don Lemon is baffled why his remark about Ferguson

Don Lemon CNN quotThe Smell of Marijuana in the Airquot What Not To Say

Watch the video ¬ęDon Lemon, CNN:

Lemon addresses Joan Tarshis interview

Don Lemon addresses his remarks toward Joan Tarshis, one of the women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault.