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Olivia Dasso Performance 2004

collected by 3 users

I found this clip on the internet.

Salsa Dance Lessons Getting out of 2hand holds

collected by 2 users Well, say this three times fast! "Double-handed, hand holds". That should be a salsa tongue twister. Anyway.....

Salsa Episode 15 Salsa Elements Reloaded

So, since we were doing a reloaded version of the salsa basic step with zoomed in angles, we decided to do the same with the other basic elements of s...

Sexy San Diego Salseras Persaud

collected by 2 users

This is the performance of the Majesty In Motion Ladies Team performing at the La Jolla Marriott. The choreography was directed by Jennifer Stein.

Salsa Episode 14 Salsa Basics Reloaded Drills

Its been a while... I know. Anyways, we have been asked to do the basic step once again (with zoomed in) camera angles - so we decided to do it, and m...

Anthonys Salsa Footwork

A salsa footwork pattern I came up as part of our 'salsa homework' for David's Stein's dance team. It includes elements from Elvis, Tango, Usher, Nsyn...

ClubStyle Salsa Dancing Blind LoopOver Locks

In this episode of Addicted2Salsa we show you how to perform a basic blind cross-body lead with a loop-over lock salsa move. While the move may look e...

Salsa Titanic Move with Reverse Barrel Turn And now back to your regularly scheduled salsa dance programming! Aft.....

Learn Salsa Dancing Beginner Dance Moves

Here we are again with something short and simple just for you to mix it in to your other salsa dancing moves. Remember, it is not about having multip...

Titanic Options pun intended Salsa Dance Videos

This is a repost, because the original bookmarked video no longer works, enjoy.