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Anthonys Salsa Footwork

A salsa footwork pattern I came up as part of our 'salsa homework' for David's Stein's dance team. It includes elements from Elvis, Tango, Usher, Nsyn...

Salsa Dance Episode 13 More Simple Salsa Moves

collected by 2 users

As I always say, my job is not just to ENTERTAIN you, but EDUCATE you. So, send us feedback at -- Ok, so I took that similar in...

Salsa Episode 11 Getting out of twohanded handxxx

Well, say this three times fast! "Double-handed, hand holds". That should be a salsa tongue twister. Anyways, here is another episode of addicted2sals...

REAL Salsa Dancing at a Night Club in California Jennifer (MajestyInMotion) and Anthony (Addicted2Salsa) salsa dancing sexy at the Salsa Dance Splash 2007 at the Hot sals.....

Learn to Dance with Hernando

Want to learn salsa? Let Hernando teach you the special combinations of salsa!

Another Chicago Salsa Congress Combo

Well, the folks at (Marques) were cool enough to provide more salsa videoclips from the Chicago Salsa Congress 2005. This salsa combo is...

Salsa Clip from Chicago Salsa Congress 2005

Since the Chicago Salsa Congress 2006 is coming up, I decided to share this video clip that I found from last years salsa congress. This clip is broug...

2TV Salsa Clip from Chicago Salsa Congress 2005

Juan Caldron salsa congress

Salsa Episode 18 Getting out of Hammerlocksxxxx

So, one of our members asked about different ways of getting out of hammerlock positions. In this episode, I show you a couple of simple ways and one ...