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Are Sobriety Checkpoints Doubling as Immigration Checkpoints

California has not passed a copy cat SB-1070 law but there certainly are municipal efforts to make immigrant lives harder. Such is the case with Escon...

TSA Checkpoints Exposed Journalist Tracked Targeted amp Harassed for Filming

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down WRC Correspondent Julio Rausseo's experience at the Chicago Union Station, 1 week after releasing a vid...

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LiveLeakcom Glendale Police Let Suspect Escape Then Abuse A quotSuspectqu

Video 1 Glendale Police are at it again. At about 1030 at night i was riding my bike and rode past a 'dui and license checkpoint'. I decide....

Rebels battle for a checkpoint in Syria Video Reuterscom

May 14 - Syrian rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad attempt to take over a checkpoint in Idlib province. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Fatal shooting raises tension in Ukraine

Pro-Russian officials say six people were killed in a shootout at a Russian controlled checkpoint. Phil Black reports

Suicide attack kills 7 at checkpoint near Iraq039s Kirkuk Video Reutersc

April 13 - At least seven people are dead after a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into an Iraqi checkpoint. Nathan Frandino reports.

LiveLeakcom A huge vehicle bomb is detonated at a checkpoint outside Kfernan

A checkpoint manned by shabiha criminals is neutralised by a very powerful vehicle bomb The cameraman does his best to miss the moment of detonatio.....

LiveLeakcom Huge VBIED on SAA checkpoint by Ahrar AlSham 1227

As above. 12/27 Remote control car bomb killed more than 30 Assad soldiers and damaged couple tanks at a checkpoint in Jisr Al-Shughour, Idlib.

LiveLeakcom Interesting DUI checkpoint in Dekalb

From the OP, Ryan Scott ..... I was just stopped at an unconstitutional CHECKPOINT in DeKalb, Illinois. This was Illinois State Police cond.....

LiveLeakcom Carjacker Killed by Police After Trying to Ram Through Checkpoint

Around 3:00am on Monday, April 21, a suspected carjacker in Foshan, Guangdong province was tailed by police into a toll booth / checkpoint, where he w...

LiveLeakcom Biker bails from Venezuela military checkpoint after being detain

Biker owns a bike shop near the checkpoint and tell the guards that most of them go there to buy parts/bikes and that he know 1 of the guards detainin...

Blood spills in Iraq as gunmen attack checkpoint in Iraq Video Reuterscom

Feb. 16 - Gunmen kill five policemen in an attack on a police checkpoint in Taza, near Kirkuk in Iraq. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.