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Israel Rival Groups of Clerics In Massive Fight in Church at Jesus039 Birth

A fight has broken out at the church built on the spot where Jesus is said to have been born. Palestinian police stormed the basilica of the Nativi.....

2 million Egyptians in Tahrir Square chant quotTo Jerusalem we are heading Ma

Original title- للقدس رايحين شهداء بالملايين translates to We go to Jerusalem, martyrs in the millions. Original: http://www....

Breaking the Silence at the Shuk 9711

Breaking the Silence handing out fliers and speaking to Birthright participants about the reality in the occupied territories during a Friday afternoo...

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Tempers flare over new Jerusalem restrictions

CNN's Oren Liebermann reports that tensions remain high in Jerusalem after clashes between Israeli police and Muslim youth.

Jerusalem mayor Critical to seek peace

The mayor of Jerusalem talks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the violent attack inside a Jewish place of worship.

Stopping violence in Jerusalem

Clashes in Jerusalem continue to threaten holy sites. Can the U.S., Netanyahu step in to stop the escalating violence?

Temple Mount crisis fuels unrest

CNN's Phil Black reports tensions in Jerusalem may be at their greatest since the end of the last Palestinian uprising.

Anger escalates in Jerusalem

Jerusalem tense after clashes over holy site. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

Tensions mounting in Jerusalem

Rocks and tear gas are thrown after Friday prayers in Palestinian areas of Jerusalem, as CNN's Phil Black reports.

Jerusalem In Bible Prophecy Nov 8 2015

Very appropriate for the current situation taking place in and around Jerusalem. We need your donations to support this work please go to our Indiego...

Fear of shopping in Hebron and Jerusalem Reuterscom

Due to the recent wave of violence and clashes, the once vibrant markets of Jerusalem and Hebron are now in a relative lull. Deborah Lutterbeck report...

Lone wolf attacks: Jerusalem on edge

At least eight deaths and scores of injuries have been reported in Israel as residents in Jerusalem are on edge due to attacks involving knife-wieldin...

us passport law reverberates in jerusalem video reuterscom

mixed feelings in jerusalem, after the u.s. supreme court struck down a law that would let american citizens born in jerusalem have israel listed in p...