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All By Myself

I did posted this video years ago together with another that was removed due to copyright reason. In that It was explained that this composition was m...

The Men Who Stare at Goats dance scene

The Men Who Stare at Goats dance scene.

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All By Myself on Devourcom

All By Myself – Richard Dunn was stuck in an airport overnight, pretty much alone. So did what anyone would do - made this...

LiveLeakcom 2nd Burn from LiveLeaker

I have always told to myself that if an accident happened to me I'd take pictures for LiveLeak. So I did. I took all of the pictures myself .....

Car accident Videoed myself

collected by 2 users

I got into a car accident. Shortly after the fire crew arrived I was video taping myself getting cut out of the car. Jaws of life right behind my head...

Nest Protect is a terrible buggy product

Do not buy a Nest Protect. You will regret it. You can stop or mute this video if it's annoying, but you cannot stop a Nest. Disclaimer: I am a G...

Video Brodinski Can039t Help Myself Music Video

Brodinski 'Can't Help Myself'

TBoz Touch Myself Official Music Video BEST QUALITY

Official music video for song from "Fled" soundtrack, 1996. More T-Boz and TLC goodies on:

Video Cassidy Me Myself amp iPhone Dissing Meek Mill Addresses Swizz Be

Cassidy - Me, Myself, & iPhone

Charice All By Myself

Nouvelle Vague Dancing with Myself music video

Nouvelle Vague - Dancing with Myself music video

Testing Rig Mark I

Just some testing with our first iteration of the third person point of view rig. Note the swaying of the gimbaled camera mount. For more informati.....