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Aj menu fher teri yaad ai ay wwwsadurdupoetrycom

Aj meny fhair teri yad ai ay by Babbu maan Hanju ruknay da naa nai lenday, hokay muknay da naa nai lenday, chand tasveeran khat maan di kamai ay, aj ...


What to do when you're tired.

Hippo Saves Impala

One of the saddest stories ever told!!! I couldn't help but shed a tear...A hippo saves an Impala(deer-looking thing) from the grasp of a crocodi...

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Sad Dog Diary Video

Ze Frank kills it again... The sad thoughts of sad dogs.

Sad Cat Diaries Video

Have you ever wondered what sad cats put in their diaries? It

I'm so sad

The Sad Off on Devourcom

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The Sad Off NSFW....

Sad Dogs

Me and my dad thinks its funny that you can play arms of an angel and it instantly makes a dog look sad, even though they aren't. This is not my ...

Sad Kouachi Chrif Kouachi les tueurs de Charlie Hebdo

Chérif Kouachi en 2005 Pièces à conviction sur France3. le 07/01/2015 il tue, avec son frère Saïd, 12 personnes

Mayoral opponent Rob Ford is a sad sad mess Video Reuterscom

May 1 - Reaction comes out of Toronto where Mayor Rob Ford is seen leaving his home a day after announcing a leave of absence and the suspension of hi...

Wearin039 Blue

Website: Audio Track: A homemade video of my original song Wearin' B...

LiveLeakcom Dictatorial regime helicopter falling blows HD version

This is the HD version of the previously posted video. ( sad troll face at 00:43 in white little smoke changes into a bigger sad Assad face 00:50 )

Kel Mitchell Keenan Wants NOTHING to Do with Me Celebrity Videos TMZcom

It's a sad, SAD day for fans of Nickelodeon in the 90s... because any chance for a long awaited reunion between Keenan & Kel is officially OV...