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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver The Lottery HBO

State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens. But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.) Connect with Last Week Tonigh...

Mitt Romney Cracks Hilarious Joke At Obama039s Expense

Mitt Romney Cracks Hilarious Joke At Obama's Expense (October 12, 2014)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Drones HBO

The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama. It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying. Connect with Las...

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~1,241)
Slashing Tires Prank

Don't you think if it was a joke you wouldn't have to tell the other party, because they would already know its a joke.

Ryan Stiles amp Colin Mochrie You Started It

Bald jokes, nose jokes, skinny jokes, some things never change.

Rivers039 kidnapping joke gets no laughs

Comedian Joan Rivers made a controversial joke about the Cleveland kidnappings on NBC's "Today" show.

Ellis tells a rude joke he is only 4 years old

This is a long running joke and the kids think it is a genuine squirrel joke and are amazed how adults laugh at it so much.

The Best Mamma Joke Ever Told Live On TV

Don't try this am sure he got fired after that joke.

Face Yoga Is A Real Thing No Joke

This is actually not a joke but it looks really funny!

The Best Response To A Drunk Wife039s Corny Joke

"On March 23, 2012, my wife drank a bottle of wine, and then wanted to tell me a joke..." Adorable, Adam Patch...

Silicon Valley S01E08 Dick Joke quotMean Jerk Timequot Full

The most epic dick joke of all time!! T = (800 x MJT) / 4 fast do YOU think you could jack off every guy in this room?

Poop Jokes in Movies Aren039t Funny Anymore

I'm taking a stand with Michael Swaim. But fart jokes are clearly still funny.

Seinfeld NO JOKES ALL PLOT The Junior Mint 4x20

Seinfeld without the jokes. Just the barest story essentials. No yucks, no fluff. Other shows: Friends - The Big Bang The...