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Afterburner with Bill Whittle Merchants of Despair

Who is responsible for the current economic malaise? If you ask Bill Whittle, it's Obama's pals like David Axelrod, Harry Reid and Tim Geith...

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THE TREASURY STORY Operations of the Treasury amp other US offices

National Archives and Records Administration "THE TREASURY STORY" Department of the Treasury. (1789 - )ARC Identifier 11865 / Local Identifi...

Video Treasury 2year notes auctioned

Video on CNBC's Rick Santelli reports on the Treasury's sale of $32 billion in 2-year notes.

Video Santelli How Taper Impacts Stocks amp Treasurys

Video on CNBC's Rick Santelli explains how Treasury supplies impact the capital markets and the economy.

MYB US treasuries at record lows

Watch the latest breaking news, politics, entertainment and offbeat videos everyone is talking about at Get informed now!

Video Santelli039s auction grade C

Video on CNBC's Rick Santelli gives treasury auction a C+.

Video Lew US leading global economic recovery

Video on In a wide-ranging interview, CNBC's Steve Liesman talks with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew about how the U.S. is sparking econo...

Video Fed should begin unwinding position Greenspan

Video on Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, and John Taylor, former U.S Treasury Undersecretary, debate what is to blame for t...

Video Lew Pieces in place to end too big to fail

Video on CNBC's Steve Liesman provides a preview of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's address later today on financial reforms.

Video 10year yield headed to 2 percent Brynjolfsson

Video on There's more money to be made in 10-year U.S. Treasury bills, John Brynjolfsson of Armored Wolf says.

Video Political crisis is 039selfinflicted Paulson

Video on Sometimes it takes a crisis to get something very unpopular done, says former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, discussing how &quo...