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Starts as an act of kindnessends in disaster biker gets revenge

I normally never lose my temper on the road, even after he cut me up i was trying to give him his wallet back. But then he proceeded to flip me off an...

Detour Official Trailer

Like on Facebook: Harper (Tye Sheridan), a seemingly naive law student, obsesses over the idea that his shifty...

LiveLeakcom Gas station assault instant civil justice

He got what he deserved, didn't he?

On the trail in Trump039s America

For CNN's Sara Murray, it was evident early on that Donald Trump was different. He didn't just attack the media, he held grudges with specif...

11YearOld Walks In on Home Invader

Surveillance footage shows the boy making a run for safety after he realizes he is not alone in the house.

LiveLeakcom Brutal Fatal Crash

He was not drifting before he smashes other vehicle.

Guy records Parrot singing quotLet the bodies hit the floorquot when he thin

Not a bad rendition i think, Go parrot! Twitter - Facebook - Reddit -

Veteran gets double arm transplant

When quadruple amputee and retired Marine Sgt. John Peck looks down at his new arms, he said, he's overcome with gratitude -- and vows that he wi...

Baby Aden Growing Fast

Hi everyone! I thought i would share my son with you. He was born 2016, March 16th. He's now 4 months old and he is a hand full O .O' I h.....