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LiveLeakcom Entitled San Francisco Fuckwits

The latest trend in SF is to ride around on a bicycle like a douchebag nearly running over people walking, through red lights and forcing people to av...

Chaos on tarmac as people run for cover

CNN's Boris Sanchez is on the ground at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport where a gunman opened fire, killing five people.

LiveLeakcom More than 12 kidsteens attack and rob 2 people

Is it the beggining of the zombie appocalipse? No, this is just Rio de Janeiro. This is normal around here. These kids simply wont go to jail becaus....

Student: Stabber had a crazy look in his eyes

A suspect attacked several people with a knife at Ohio State University, sending eight people to hospitals and prompting a campus-wide lockdown, autho...

LiveLeakcom Police form human shields to protect people crossing street

It is estimated that there are 130 million people traveling during national day holidays.

On GPS: Do Chinese people want to rival the US

Rob Schmitz, author of "Street of Eternal Happiness," tells Fareed that young people in China hope for a greater cultural influence in the w...

Shrine to Japan mass killing victims Reuterscom

Local people pay tribute outside the facility for disabled people where 19 patients were killed by a former employee.

039Our hearts are with the people of France039 Obama Reuterscom

President Barack Obama says the United States will stand with France after the attack in Nice that killed more than 80 people. Rough Cut (no reporter ...

Witness: There were so many people on the ground

After a truck plowed into a crowd of people in Nice, France, a witness told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that the injured were taken away, but there are st...