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VStiviano Say She039s Donald Sterlings Personal Assistant and Best Friend an

She said she heard him say derogatory things towards black people many times before and yet he's not racist. I think this girl is mad and confuse...

Company says it might have spotted MH370

GeoResonance says it has an image that could be of the plane thousands of miles north of the current search area.

What You Say Mackmilly Shineboy FT Jadakiss

What you say single for Mackmillys upcoming mix tape

Man Says Men Loving Jesus MORE Than Women Are GAY Is He Wrong

Michael Eric Dyson says the Bible can be viewed as homoerotic.

Ted Cruz on Obamacare

Sen. Ted Cruz says the solution against Obamacare is to "increase choices and drive down cost."

Sen Isakson Shutdown is a dumb idea

Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson says both sides of the shutdown debate are "moving toward a solution"

Alexis039 friend Like Jekyll and Hyde

One friend says Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis was smart and of sound mind, but another says he showed signs of paranoia.

LiveLeakcom Aftermath of US Marshal Shooting Graphic OpAlbuquerque

Added by staff: Deputies say a deputy U.S. Marshal shot a fugitive near a rehab clinic in southwest Albuquerque.Investigators say the man had a h...

Deion Sanders Says 039I039ve NEVER Drank Smoked Been High039

The NFL great is so clean-cut, he says he doesn't even swear anymore.

Mike Vick Huge Props from Philly Politician He039s No TO Celebrit

Don't count out Michael Vick just yet -- the guy could still be a STARTER in the NFL, so says the former Governor of Pennsylvania ... who says he...