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Video Trading the Tweets

Video on You asked via Twitter and the FMHR traders give their opinion.

Video Executive Edge SEC coolingoff period

Video on The SEC calls for a cooling-off period for more staff. Carl Icahn announces via Twitter that he plans to have dinner with Apple�...

Video Goldman Employee039s OpEd Exit

Video on Insight on one Goldman Sachs employee submitting his resignation via a New York Times op-ed, with CNBC's Mary Thompson.

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LiveLeakcom Funeral in Tibet

collected by 2 users

..Ever heard of a 'sky burial'..??? well, I'm guessing quite a few of you have (or maybe not). The first time I learned of this was vi...

British People Try To Describe The Super Bowl

"Do they win a big bowl?" Also, Brits love Richard Sherman. Share on Facebook: Like on Facebook:

Priest Performs Exorcisms Via Skype Video

Reverend Bob Larson of Arizona is performing demon exorcisms via Skype.

Video Messiah Order of RemovalPrison Poem Spoken Word Royal Alliance Subm

The Prodigal Son of Hip Hop is back with another Jewel!! REAL Life REAL Art Follow via twitter @allmessiah and via Facebook

Video Jinx Angel039s Pie Unsigned DMV Artist

Video shot in Brooklyn, New York to capture the essence of the song via visuals. You can go DOWNLOAD his mixtape, Billion Dollar Nightmares via Datpif...

Video MASH Music Gas Mask Unsigned Artist

Featuring the new and improved M.A.S.H Music roster: Pink Fontaine • Chris Reg • Lukk Lucci • Renagade • MayDay • Pure Bandana Produced by ...

Video Jinx UOENO Freestyle Unsigned DMV Artist

Recently, rapper Rocko dropped his latest single U.O.E.N.O. featuring Rick Ross and Future which has been creating a huge buzz across the states. Chec...

Video MMGTour via Atlantic City BoardWalk Hall Arena User Submitted

Ricky Rosay and M.M.G. live via BoardWalk Hall in Atlantic City N.J. were rap sensation Meek Mill burns down the stage supported by: French Montana, ...