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Results from MSNBC (3 out of 171)
Video Is the Defense Sector the New 039Girls Club039

Video on CNBC's Jane Wells takes a look at the rise of women in companies that used to be dominated by men.

Video Treasury hosts global women in finance

Video on The U.S. Treasury is hosting the Global Women in Finance Symposium today in Washington. CNBC's Sara Eisen reports from the Tr...

Video Obamacare safety net for insurance companies Pro

Video on Discussing the Obamacare bailout, with Hadley Heath, Independent Women's Forum; Tracy Sefl, Democratic strategist; and Jim Pe...

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~2,755)
LiveLeakcom Women Commits Suicide Off Bridge

Women trying to be saved by bystanders but fails.

Untrue Facts About Women You Probably Believe Video

Women CAN get pregnant during their period, keep that in mind!

Japan039s women breaking boundaries

Japan's lack of a young labor force means that more women are now taking on roles traditionally held by men.

Women Freak Out at Restaurant And Haresses Waiter Over Guinness

I don't advocate hitting women but...

Women bare chests for 039topless equality039

Women and men protest outside the TX State Capitol as part of a national movement for topless equality for all genders.

LiveLeakcom USA These women bring your fantasies to life

Buxom women dressed as a variety of comic, video game and movie characters descended upon the San Diego Convention Center Thursday, as the annual Comi...

Video Old Man Dancing To Dr Dre On Stage With 2 Women

he may be a little off rhythm but it doesn't matter he's getting turnt up with two women at the same time!

Video This Fashion Designer Brings Women Crawling On Their KNEESLiterally

This Chinese couturier is bringing women to their knees

Return Of The CrotchCam Video

In this second shocking expose, Crotch Cam reveals the extent to which women continue to seek out and stare at a flaccid (non erect) bulge. Look out f...