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Video Publisher Services (Beta)
MyVidster is one of the largest and fastest growing video sharing community on the internet and we want to share this community with you the video publisher! Our goal is to give publishers a simple and effective method to promote their videos (teasers, full length, etc) and any other related services to the MyVidster community.

Services given to publishers'

Full control over the ad inventory
Publishers are given a sponsored video collection. This collection gives you control of the ad inventory to promote your services and products. These collections are also given more visibility on MyVidster which will yield more pageviews and users following your collection.
    Your ads will display:
    There are 4 ad spaces (2 @ top right and 2 @ bottom) on the video page. Publishers are given control of 1 ad at the top right and 1 at the bottom.
Bookmark automation
Bookmarking your recently upload videos to your collection can be automate, all we need is a video RSS feed. No extra work needed to keep your collection up to date!

No fees!
For now, this service will be free to publishers, where publishers and MyVidster will share the ad inventory as the incentive. If we decide to charge a fee for sponsored collections we will give all publishers an additional 30 days to decide on whether or not they want to continue the service.

Existing clients
Recently (July 1st, 2011) we launch our first sponsored video collection Porn Videos on Demand (NSFW) by AEBN. After the initial setup there was no additional work needed to maintain thier collection, the collection is automatically updated with new videos provided by their RSS feed. After a few days after launch the collection was gaining followers, sending traffic to their website and generating sells!

If you are interested in using our video publisher services please contact us and we can have you setup within the next 24 hours!