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LiveLeakcom Man Hilariously Wastes IRS Scammer039s Time on the Phone

Ashton Bingham recently trolled a IRS scam-caller in expert fashion, in this video, filmed in Studio City, Los Angeles.Playing along with the scammer ...
IRS Phone Scammer Gets Owned New Video

Beware of IRS Scams. The IRS never calls you NEVER! Posted By PSmooth
FBI to investigate IRS conduct 2013

CNN's Dana Bash investigates the IRS targeting of conservative political groups and their failure to report wrongdoing.
Is the IRS fight a 039phony scandal039

Liz Mair, Neera Tanden, Mattie Duppler, and Stephanie Cutter discuss the IRS scandal and its political implications.
IRS Attorneys with offices in Provo Orem and Salt Lake City Utah

We also offer CPA Services, and Tax Preparation in the Provo, Orem UT area. Ensure your taxes and accounting services are being done properly by actua...
LiveLeakcom IRS Scammer confronts ME

We had a little fun with a phone scammer looking for an IRS settlement from me. Yeah.......... Good Luck trying to collect, my friend.
LiveLeakcom Spider showing some building skills IR illuminated

Saw one of my security cams recorded motion and found this little buddy doing its thing. IR illuminated. Just thought to share it here. Spider too.....
IRS accused of obstruction over lost emails in Tea Party affair Video Reuter

Late night Capitol Hill hearing over lost IRS e-mails leads to accusations of a
Rep Paul Ryan blasts IRS chief

Rep. Paul Ryan blasts the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen over missing emails. Dana Bash reports.
Commissioner IRS done 039best it can do039

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen tells CNN why there is no conspiracy behind his agency losing Lois Lerner's emails.