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Elanji St Peter and Paul Forane Church Sky View DJI Spark

Elanji is a small village located in Ernakulam district which is really gifted with exotic natural beauty. Syro Malabar Catholic Christians are the ma
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New York Republican Peter King Says He Will Take Cyanide If Ted Cruz Gets The No

Speaking to Morning Joe on the morning of New York’s primary, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) once again made it clear that he is no fan of Ted Cruz. And
Artificially Manufactured Nonhuman Entities Since The 1940s

Synthetic humans have been a reality since many decades ago. Dr. Peter Better discusses the reality of synthetic people, human cloning, and the elite.
Man Shoots 4YearOld Boy He Thought Was Gay

"Peter Lucas Moses, the leader of a Durham, N.C. polygamist group, has admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend and a 4-year-old boy...According to