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A celebration of natural hair Cheyenne Cochrane

Cheyenne Cochrane explores the role that hair texture has played in the history of being black in America -- from the heat straightening products of t...
Louie Schwartzberg The hidden beauty of pollination Video on TEDcom

TED Talks Pollination: it
Julian Treasure Shh Sound health in 8 steps Video on TEDcom

TED Talks Julian Treasure says our increasingly noisy world is gnawing away at our mental health -- even costing lives. He lays out an 8-step plan to ...
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Fourth of July 2017 man vs nature

Nature kills it.
LiveLeakcom Curious Bear Relaxes With Nervous Camper

The great outdoors is perfect for clearing one’s mind and getting in touch with nature. But sometimes nature get a little too close for comfort. ...
Camera Embarque mtorite

Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada. Filmed about 5:30pm Thursday November 20th 2008
Ron Swanson Nature is amazing

The Coolest Nature Video Ever Video

An awesome video showcasing the wonders of nature.
Wonderful Earth Nature film

039Freaks of Nature039 Red Band Trailer 'Freaks of Nature' Trailer Director: Robbie Pickering Starring: Mackenzie Davis, Ed Westwick, Joan Cusack In t...
Africa039s natural wonders

Africa is blessed with impressive natural landmarks that attract millions of visitors a year and contribute to the continent's thriving tourism i...
Hairdresser Reacts To Natural Hair Bleaching

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a few girls bleach their natural virgin hair! Some were cute and some were tragic... Shop XMONDO Hair: https://www.xm.....