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Feel Bad for the Bad Guy

Everybody worries about the victim, but what about the person that caused them pain? Are they supposed to reflect on it and change? That seems hard! ...
The Cast Dishes on Bad Internet Behind the Scenes

YouTube Red sits down with the CollegeHumor writers and performers to talk Bad Internet, and how they really feel about their fellow cast members. Y...
Bad Internet Official Trailer YouTube Red Original Series

From the minds of CollegeHumor comes Bad Internet, a YouTube Red Original Series featuring 10 darkly comedic stories about technology and the Internet...
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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Once and For All

collected by 3 users
Learn the most effective ways to combat bad breath—and why it happens. Lifehacker presents Problem Solved! A new series that helps you be a better ...
TRell My Dawg Remix ft Boosie Bad Azz

Lost my Brother in a bad wreck we flipped 5 times , & I wrote this in his Memory R.I.P to yo dawgs" cherish them ! Get it on iTunes https://...
Rewind the Future Stop the Cycle

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This video touches on the point that obesity doesn't happen overnight. It's a lifetime's worth of bad habits, bad choices, and bad nutr...
Kids 20 Years From Now Video

A funny animated short about what children in the not so distant future will be like. Bad music, bad clothes, bad idea!
LiveLeakcom When Javelins Go Bad

bad Jav missile
Child Bad mouthing Grown man

this little one cursing up a storm..omg She needs a good spankin

We make bad things for bad people
LiveLeakcom Bad quottoreroquot bad wound

This happened in Nicaragua. The guy survived
Ketchup Cake Part III

Alright folks, final verdict... it's not bad. I mean, I'm not putting it in my weekly rotation or anything, but honestly not bad.
LiveLeakcom Fuel tanker blows up

Video time stamped. Oh this is bad.. very bad.