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Video: GEazy These Things Happen

G-Eazy’s “These Things Happen” album out now.Posted by Jay
Drawing is Hard quotThe Episode About Pokemonquot

Don't miss your number one source for all things pokey man! Gotta Catch A Mall! New Episodes Every Wednesday!
The thug life chose me // i like to throw things into other things
Words of Wisdom from an Unexpected Citizen

This guy (Matthew Silver) is a man who runs around nyc in a dress or underwear saying and doing radical things. A friend and I stopped and actually li...
LiveLeakcom Alien Box Thing I Made

Finished an art project Thing. Enjoy!
Taking Things For Granted

It's the little things we take for granted. This GoPro time-lapse video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon of
Mosquito hamburgers from Africa

This is the grossest thing I've seen in a while. Africans catching mosquitoes and making hamburger patties out of them. One thing I don't un...
LiveLeakcom Couple Hire Comedian to Marry Them at Wedding Things Don039t

I'm guessing it was a god idea at the time, but some comedians can take things a little too far ?
Baby Things

Selection of random things about Mason. This video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon
Everyday Racism The Things I Hear Every Day BBC Three

More Information: The most bizarre/brutal things people have been called due to their race or religion.