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Community shaken by slaying of four teens

A suburban New York town is trying to come to grips with the killings of four students from one high school under apparent mysterious circumstances. ...
LiveLeakcom Horrific headon collision Instantly kills four

As a result of the accident four people who were in the Toyota died on the spot.
What happened to the McStay family

A family of four disappeared from their home and was found buried in the desert four years later. Randi Kaye reports.
Kawasaki Z1 Super Four 1972 Exterior and Interior

1972 Kawasaki Z1 Super Four motorcycle seen from outside and inside. Double Overhead Cam, four cylinder. First designs were 750cc later expanded to 90...
Liveleakcom - Not the quotsmartestquot four shitehead quotstudentsquot

Four Maryland, blood diluted mutt teenagers who
LiveLeakcom Four heavily armed robbers get gunned down

Four criminals attempted to rob a strong car on Tuesday afternoon (29) at Rua Antônio Sebastião de Santana, in Anchieta Park, North Zone of Rio....
Four newborn lion cubs snuggle with mom

An African lion, Shera, gave birth to a litter of four at the Great Cats exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.
Final Four Recap

CNN's Andy Scholes recaps the action from the Final Four semifinals.
Four inmates escape through shower

Manhunt in Oklahoma after four inmates make a prison break though the shower.
Four arrested in UK terror plot

British authorities have arrested four men for suspected terrorism. CNN's Atika Shubert reports from London.