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LiveLeakcom This guy was determined to die

He first jumped out from behind a parked car and quadruple somersaulted onto the side of the road. As the driver was calling for an ambulance the inj....
LiveLeakcom A guy dressed up as Alan from Hangover fights some dude in Vegas

The Guy Can Street Fight !!...oh yeah and LOL!!
styrofoam guy

guy eating sytrofoam
LiveLeakcom This guy gets something extra from the menu

wtf this guy is a boss
LiveLeakcom quotI039m a cop assholequot

From OP: 'Stopping at a light I stopped short so I would not block the exit to Wendy's. This guy behind me starts pounding his steering whee...
Roadhouse: Director039s Cut Video

A tribute to the greatest movie of all time, Patrick Swayzes ROADHOUSE. I just flipped on the webcam and recorded a take, no practice, no prep, and ha...
LiveLeakcom Crazy street fight Dude fights 3 guys in a row

The guy in the tanktop knows how to fight. The other guys.... not so much... They're bitches for jumping in when their friend was done, and they...
LiveLeakcom Guy shot dead trying to rob forex bureau in Mombasa Kenya

As above. Owner sees them coming. One guy gets away, his friend isn't so lucky. Footage from robertalai facebook
LiveLeakcom Drunk guy runs into tree then gets maced

This happened back in September of last year. I saw a guy downtown Colorado Springs CO, trying to fight a bunch of people and running into the middle ...
LiveLeakcom Don039t be that guy

Chinese guy drops firecracker down his pants