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Suicide Squad Official Comic Con Trailer

First look at the Suicide Squad!
My thoughts on Suicide

Just my thoughts on suicide, and why its probably not your way out.
Suicide Squad Sales Pitch

So I saw Suicide Squad twice and I had feelings about Amanda Waller Spoilers btw
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LiveLeakcom - Man Commits Suicide Inside Mall

google translation Emin Alli, a 27-year-old who learned psychological problems in Bursa, committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of a shoppi
Liveleakcom - Suicide After Police Chase Broadcasted on LiveTV

Police car chase today in Los Angeles county ends in suicide on live T..
LiveLeakcom - bizarre group suicide attempt on Beijing subway

Group of 8 people collectively drink pesticide ..... Media Reports say a mass suicide incident has occurred on the Beijing subway, involving five w.
Josh Thomas Talks About Male Suicide

Josh discusses male suicide on ABC's Q&A.
LiveLeakcom Man Commits Suicide By Truck After Being Dumped By His Woman

Man Commits Suicide By Truck After Being Dumped By His Woman Not the best suicide by truck you'll ever see, but probably the best she will.