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Trump targeted by more protesters Reuterscom

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is the target of protesters again in New York over his call to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. Paul ...
Buddhist group behind anti-Muslim protests

A Buddhist nationalist group, Ma Ba Tha, has been at the forefront of anti-Muslim protests in Myanmar.
Gunshots Heard After Car Hits Ferguson Protester On Anniversary Of Michael Brown

Gunshots sent protesters fleeing in Ferguson, Missouri on Tuesday, after a car hit a protester. Posted By Ghost
Protester Interrupts Broadcast Warns Of Pedophile Rings - Video

Protester Bill Maloney prevents a planned interview with Nick Clegg and interrupts a BBC report to warn of international pedophile rings.
Say What Satanists Protest Against President Donald Trump New Video

A group of Satanists protested against President Donald Trump on the streets of DC. Members of the Satanic temple who protested say they are against P...
CNN Analyst Says Militiamen In Oregon Are Not A Threat Because quotThey039r

CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick said over the weekend that armed protesters who took over a federal building in Oregon were not being treated...
After Summerslam: Hardcore wrestling fan vs hardcore religious protester

Outside the Staples Center, a fan got into it with a group of Christian protesters.