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Transient 2 on Vimeo

For licensing inquiries email [email protected] Here is my second rendition of storm chasing with a Phantom Flex 4K. The best shots from two years of s...
Liveleakcom - Insane Storm Decimates Intersection

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MARTINEZ, GA – Traffic lights get knocked down as a storm with stron..
Storm Chaser gets caught in Hurricane Michael Storm Surge

Credit: Brett Adair ( No copyright infringement intended.
Storm leaves flooding downed trees and snapped wires Reuterscom

Scenes of destruction from Maryland to Massachusetts show the aftermath of a powerful storm, known as a nor'easter, that pounded the northeastern...
Philippines: Scores dead in landslides

At least 100 people are reported to have been killed as a tropical storm swept through the southern Philippines. Dozens more are missing as Storm Tem...
LiveLeakcom a helicopter lands on a frigate during a storm

Visibility, strong waves and wind currents endanger the pilot. Denmark wanted to demonstrate the strength and endurance of one of its SeaHawk MH-60R ...
Chance of popup tornadoes from storm

CNN's Brian Todd reports from West Palm Beach, Florida, which is experiencing a violent storm surge and tornadic activity.
LiveLeakcom Lightning Strikes Way Too Close to Norwegian Man Watching Storm F

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Daniel Modol of Gjerstad, Norway, went outside on his balcony for a few moments on August 21 to capture video of the approaching storm when lighting s...
Massive sand storm hits Sudan

A huge dust storm called a haboob covered the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.
LiveLeakcom Hail Storm Rolling Through Denver039s Berkeley Neighborhood

Hailstones as big as baseballs fell across the Denver area on Monday, May 8, smashing car windshields and damaging buildings. Matt Vukas filmed the st...