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LiveLeakcom If Ever There Was Someone Destined to Die This is Him

CCTV footage from Thailand, showing a pedestrian crossing the road being hit by a motorcycyle. He looks OK, until a car runs over him. And then an.....
Baby Monkey Goes Into Attack Mode Video

His owner accidentally kicks him while walking and sets him off!
Motorcycle Almost Rear Ended Video

When traffic suddenly stops, a bikers mounted camera caches his own close call. A truck comes flying up from behind him, with its brakes locked up an...
LiveLeakcom Left handed new recruit throws grenade in wrong direction

The battalion XO calms him down let him try again.
LiveLeakcom Bull fight causes chaos on the streets

The camera starts rolling just as the victor tries to finish his opponent,knocking him on to parked motorcycles,the onlookers beat him with sticks rel...
Childish Gambino Spits Dope Freestyle Over Drake039s Pound Cake Video

You may know him as Donny Glover the actor...but you should know him for his flows. He gets better every time I hear him
Gave My Hubby his Unicorn for Christmas

My husband has wanted a telescope since before we met. Astronomy is more than just a passive interest for him... It's practically his essence.......
American Ultra Trailer New Video

A stoner and his girlfriend's sleepy, small-town existence is disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operati...
Jaws is the Best henchmen ever

I seriously think they should bring him back in a new james bond movie. All they would have to do to get him angry again is kill off his girlfriend or...