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Marinboat 450 S Deluxe Exterior and Interior

2019 Marinboat 4.50 S Deluxe boat seen from outside and inside. Fitted motor. Certificate A class boat. Design category C. Length 4.50 m. Width 1.65 m...
Grand Golden Line G850L Exterior and Interior

2019 Grand Golden Line G850L inflatable boat seen from outside and inside. Overall length 8.50 m (27'11"). Internal length 6.40 m (21�...
Ribco Venom 44 Exterior and Interior

2019 Ribco Venom 44 boat seen from outside and inside. Length 13.15 m. Beam 3.52 m. Weight (dry) 4,800 kg. Fuel tank 1140 liters. Max power 1200 hp. M...
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Liveleakcom - Dramatic moment boats carrying 19 passengers capsize during idol

This is the dramatic moment when two boats carrying 19 passengers caps..