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Ahh Sarado Pinoy Funniest Video 2019 Viral Videos 2019 Philippines Compilat

Pinoy Funniest Video 2019 now features Ahh Sarado (Oh, Closed) viral video of a drunk man buying a Mighty Red cigarette. It's annoying yet very ...
Pinoy Funniest Video 2019 Batang Paslit Ginutom Viral Videos 2019 Philippine

Pinoy Funniest Video 2019 features Batang Paslit Ginutom (toddler gets hungry) wherein all of the video clips are about naughtiness of the Filipino ki...
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EXCLUSIVE: Plunder helps Philippines militants rebuild Reuterscom

Islamist insurgents looted cash, gold and jewelry worth tens of millions of dollars when they occupied a southern Philippines town last year, treasure...
The Philippines cracks down on drugs

Rodrigo Duterte, President of The Philippines, has ordered the police to kill any suspected drug offender who resists arrest. CNN's Ivan Watson r...
Philippines heads to the polls Reuterscom

Voting is underway in the Philippines after presidential election campaigning that's revealed popular disgust with the ruling elite. Paul Chapman...
Fatal ferry accident in Philippines

A boat carrying 173 passengers has capsized in the central Philippines minutes after leaving port.
typhoon lashes northeast philippines video reuterscom

strong winds and rains batter the northern philippines as officials urge residents to evacuate amid fears of landslides. vanessa johnston reports.
Slowmoving typhoon drenches Philippines

Andrew Stevens reports from Tacloban, Philippines and describes the preparations that were made for the storm.
Philippine secretary We need medicine

Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas tells CNN that what is needed most in Haiyan's wake are medicine and supplies.
Super typhoon rips through Philippines

One of the strongest storms ever to make landfall hits the Philippines
Philippines bracing for super typhoon

Andrew Stevens says people in the Philippines are used to typhoons and plan to ride out an approaching monster storm.
Rescue and recovery in the Philippines

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