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LiveLeakcom 17 yo girl jumps off building

Yesterday around 15:12, Guiyang small cross Minsheng Road intersection, a 17-year-old woman jumped to his death. Preliminary investigations by th..
LiveLeakcom Attractive Russian Woman Crosses the Road

...unsuccessfully. Lada was being driven by a 76-year-old man, happened yesterday, 12th March. The victim, a 33-year-old woman survived, but is in...
LiveLeakcom Woman Executes Man Over Debt Gun Jams Twice Before Firing

Google translate - The Civil Police of Amazonas solved a homicide case that occurred in early July in rural Manaus via a video that was on the cell ph
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Liveleakcom - Neighbor039s pit bull enters house and mutilates woman039s

Woman discovers a neighbor's dog still gnawing on her pet. The woman i..
Liveleakcom - Woman Attacks Staff After Failed Fast Food Job Interview

A young woman pulls the hair of an interviewer and punches a colleague..

Intoxicated woman at IHOP. Public intoxication. Disorderly conduct. White knight friend tries to defend her saying she's a woman. Then things get
Liveleakcom - Shocking moment man brutally assaults woman on Paris metro

Shocking has emerged of a woman “with an American accent” being p..
LiveLeakcom - Woman with her gunt showing slaps a man on a bus in Philly and ge

According to the videographer- 'On septa route 23 a fight broke out between a black female and a white male. Supposedly the male lives with the w
LiveLeakcom - Black Hebrew Woman smell-shamed on Bus

Black Hebrew Woman riding a public bus in Beer-Sheva, Israel got publicly humiliated by another woman who also live streamed the incident to her Faceb
Messed Up: Rhode Island Cop Beats A Woman amp Drags Her By Her Hair New Vid

The officer drags a blond woman down the stairs outside a home where a group of people is gathered. The woman resists the officer's efforts to ar
Woman pepper sprayed by two cops Starbucks bathroom

A woman is suing for excessive force against two officers who used pepper spray on her when she tried to use a Starbucks bathroom in 2001 after an Occ
Liveleakcom - UK woman 039self-isolating039 in ZORB BALL leaves shoppers

A woman in a zorb ball leaves shoppers in a Morrisons store in Herne B..
LiveLeakcom Man Commits Suicide By Truck After Being Dumped By His Woman

Man Commits Suicide By Truck After Being Dumped By His Woman Not the best suicide by truck you'll ever see, but probably the best she will.
LiveLeakcom - Woman Restrained After Threatening A Man On A Train With A Chise

'I'll stab you, dog': Woman brandishing a CHISEL threatens Chinese man who sits next to her in horrific train rant video Video shows mo
Colorado Springs Police Slam Woman039s Face on the Ground in Hospital

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A video obtained by the Colorado Springs Independent shows an incident that's at the center of an excessive force laws