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Surfer breaks back after massive wipeout

British surfer Andrew Cotton broke his back after wiping out on one of the world's biggest waves in Nazaré, Portugal.
RC Surfer Trolls Real Surfer Video

totally rad dude
Surfer Does A Backflip Video

Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina executes a flawless aerial backflip!
LiveLeakcom Duct Tape Surfer Paraplegic Surfer

Pascal Honore, a 50-year old mother of two from Australia, suffered T4 complete paraplegia after a car accident 18 years ago. She spent six months .....
Surfer Interview

Surfer gets interviewed on the news.
Onearmed surfer beats world039s number one

Bethany Hamilton, a wild-card entry in a surfing competition, tells CNN's Amara Walker and Michael Holmes how she upset the world's top surf...
Surfer loses arms and learns to paddleboard

Jonas Letieri wanted to be a professional surfer, but after an electrical accident left him without hands, he became a professional paddleboarder inst...
Encouraging next generation of Moroccon surfers

Leading Moroccan surfers are hopeful of helping along a new generation of sporting stars the country can be proud of.
Nuno Santos: The violinplaying surfer

Nuno Santos is a professional musician and part-time surfer who wants to take his violin playing to extremes, particularly the Portuguese surf.
Kite surfer Redington beach 62412

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This dude goes out in TS Debby and jumps the pier. Freakin amazing!!!