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The Craziest Megavalanche Ever

Ben Deakin's POV of this race is INSANE! The 2 pile ups are probably the worst there have ever been so PLEASE enjoy his Vlog from the main event....
One reason why Tommy is the best Power Ranger ever

Did Jason ever kick a T Rex in the face? No? Thought not.
The Closest Call You Will Ever See Ever Video

Was that Chuck Norris?
LiveLeakcom WTF

This is the most insane robbery i have ever ever seen!
Driver Gets Hit By The Slowest Train Ever Video

Now you know what the WORST left handed turn ever looks like.
The Most Ridiculous Parking Attempt Ever Video

Who ever is behind the wheel of that car, clearly shouldn
The Most Satisfying Ice Removal Video Ever Video

Better than any sunburn you have ever peeled or scab you have ever removed. It feels so good to watch this video!
The Apple Watch Parody

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BEST FREESTYLE EVER Maximum Destruction Orlando 2012 INSANE BEST VIEW Monste

Easily one of the greatest freestyles the Citrus Bowl has ever seen.
Ever Wondered If She039s Lying To You Common Lies Girls Tell New Video

If you've ever heard a girl say any of these she's lying! @Comedianlonnie Posted By PSmooth