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DL HUGHLEY FACEBOOK PAGE: _________________________________________________________ ...
DL Hughley takes on Fox News

Comedian D.L. Hughley got into a tense argument with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly during a discussion about police shootings.
DL Hughley gets emotional over police shootings

D.L. Hughley discusses police shootings and how they affect his family in the aftermath of two fatal shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge.
LSD Research

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go to to find out more about the author, Don Lattin, and his book: The Harvard Psychedelic Club -- How Timothy Leary Ram Da...
039The Talk039 Holly Humps Leah

D.L. Hughley stirs up the pot as the guest co-host when the topic is who is funnier men or women. D.L. believes men are funnier.
Kept It Real: DL Hughley Speaks On Master Ps Comments About Kobe Bryant

D.L. Hughley responded to Master P, and breaks it down on how a person on drugs in-particular sometimes just can’t be saved no matter what you tr...
Suzuki DL1000 ABS L4 Exterior and Interior

Motorcycle seen from outside and inside - Suzuki DL1000 ABS L4. The motorbike is with 2-cylinder V 4T engine 1037 cc, 74 kW/100 hp at 8000 rpm. Fuel t...
DL Hughley compares Rudy Giuliani to Kim Kardashian

Comedian D.L. Hughley says listening to Rudy Giuliani about the Black Lives Matters movement is akin to taking marriage advice from Kim Kardashian. ...
DL Hughley Goes Off On Why Donald Trump Is Definitely A Racist No Matter How H

Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy, comedian and commentator D.L. Hughley had a lot to say about the current characters on the political scene — in...
The DL Chronicles Season 1 Episode 1 Wes

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The DL Chronicles - Season 1 Episode 1 - Wes