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Futurama The Science of Comedy

A look at the show that brought humor and emotion into the sterile world of science and arithmetic. Support this channel at
Crowd gathers in DC for March for Science

Crowds of people are marching in the United States and around the world in support of science and evidence-based research in a protest fueled by oppos
SCIENCE CLASS 2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less

This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT. NEW PDF WITH A QUIZ FORM THAT WORKS NOW!!! https://www.dropb
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After Summerslam: Hardcore wrestling fan vs hardcore religious protester

Outside the Staples Center, a fan got into it with a group of Christian protesters.
Get Educated About Homosexuality

This video is not mine. However, I'm re-posting this video for the purposes of entertainment and education. Therefore, it falls under the guide l