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quotJoin now for a dollarquot

Corporate face palm. I fell victim to the Edge Fitness centers "Join today for a dollar" ad
LiveLeakcom Should Finland and Sweden join NATO

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, countries in Russia’s immediate proximity are being confronted with difficult choices. That is to join NATO or n...
Saba Ahmed joins the Kelly File 111715

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President and Founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition joins Megyn Kelly to discuss Donald Trump's controversial comments on shutting down mosq...
Crimea to hold referendum to join Russia

The Crimean parliament voted in favor of a referendum to ask if it should join the Russian Federation.
Prosecutor: 3 siblings try to join ISIS

Two more American teenagers were detained for allegedly wanting to join ISIS. CNN's Evan Perez reports.
Bill Nye Reaction Gifs

In exchange for considering joining the Planetary Society, here are 10 free reactions for you to have fun with: Steal them, r...
One Obsession Where Do You LiveYours

Every great creator, athlete and innovator is driven by an internal passion – a desire to turn their dreams and ideas into reality. We all have a sp...
Harper joins quotDancing with the Starsquot

Valerie Harper joins "Dancing with the Stars," Steve Buschemi's not-so-guilty pleasures, and JLoi returns to "Idol"!
Why would US teens try to join ISIS

Former Jihadist Mubin Shaikh weighs in as three American teens are arrested trying to join ISIS.
Stop Making Sense 1984 - Full HD Movie For Free hdbestnet

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Storyline:David Byrne walks onto the stage and does a solo “Psycho Killer.” Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz join him for two ...