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Jedward The HOPE Song

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LiveLeakcom Irish reply to United Airlines

How Irish Airline companies harasses and intimidates it's customers PMSL.
Irish CallOut Compilation Video

These are Irish Fighting Travelers, and they make awesome videos!
LiveLeakcom Neknominate Irish Style

Irish guy chugs some Guinness, dressed in the theme of clockwork orange.
LiveLeakcom Irish dad gives son instructions on how to turn on the hoover

Hilarious! Irish humour!
Who killed an Irish student in Tokyo

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Liveleakcom Irish Wedding

Irish gang at wedding. Lots of nice clothes covered in blood.

The Irish Army parade before Ireland's President for life and display their latest weapon - the Sinead Launcher - lethal in confined spaces such...
Irish moviemaking twins built their own cinemas

Brothers Noel and Roy Spence, both amateur filmmakers and B movie enthusiasts, hand-built Art Deco cinemas beside their homes in the Irish countryside...
An Irish Tale

An Irish Tale Group of Irish lads chanting on a night out! There was only one bar A MILE LONG! They didn't serve pints ONLY BUCKETS! There was o...
Irish peacemaker on reconcilation after shooting

After James Hodgkinson shot at Congressional Republicans, Irish peacemaker Padraig O'Malley tells Fareed it's critical to humanize "the...