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LiveLeakcom Man in metro dies from heart attack and full aftermath

CCTV reveals the moments people and medic trying to save the 75yo man who died at the hospital.
Did Communist Party torture man to death

David McKenzie reports on the case of a man who was allegedly tortured to death while in custody in China.
LiveLeakcom Man Commits Suicide After Stabbing His Grandma

Today, passers-by found the body of a naked man lying on the pavement in the Travel Dezhnev in the north-east of Moscow, which is a fish jumped out of...
LiveLeakcom Driver Burned to Bone After Car Accident this man does what

Man is grief stricken and emotional ..... but MUST get a photo !
Viral video shows a man being chased out of Target

A Florida woman posted a video of a man she says was harassing her and now more women are coming forward with the same complaint. CNN's Boris San...
Man Forces His Cheating Girlfriend To Walk Around New York In Just A Towel Vid

The man claims he caught her sending naked pics to 7 different men.
Angry man stuck in the snow

LiveLeak description: I heard a man cursing loudly outside my window, so I peeked. Then I grabbed my phone quickly because his 4 wheel drive was spinn...
LiveLeakcom Man accidentally kills his wife

Traffic accident occurred yesterday, December 1, in the village of Krasny Yar. Reported AMIA Russia's Astrakhan region. According to prelimi.....
LiveLeakcom motorcycle crash leaves man in weird position

a man riding his 50cc mopped wasnt paying enough attention and crashed right behind a big truck loaded with beer, the victim didnt had serious injurie...
LiveLeakcom Man Drowns Driving Car over ice

The camera man wanted to help, but there wasnt any way