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A 420 Visit from The Weed Man

Sign up for DROPOUT.TV: Download the INTERNATIONAL app here: Discord available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NE...
LiveLeakcom Guy tries to rob weed from Los Angeles weed dispensary Owned by

If it was illegal and now legal I think you should pay for it.
Weed Startup LEAF Wants to Take the Headache Out of Home Growing

Growing weed on your own is hard, LEAF wants to help. For $3000.
Wiz Khalifa Generously Passes Out His Own Brand of Weed

Wiz Khalifa passes around his own brand of weed to paparazzi's outside of Catch in Los Angeles.
Damian Marley Will Turn a Prison Into a Weed Farm

Damian Marley has purchased the Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, California to turn it into a weed farm with his partners.
Don039t Eat Your Weed

Will Hutson and Chris Harris explain why you're better off letting the police find your weed than risking a felony charge by trying to destroy it...
Comedy Bang Bang Antidrug spokesman Robert DeBiro

Don't do drugs kids! Except weed, weed is OK.
LiveLeakcom Weed on the road

A car full of marijuana crashed head-on truck, leaving lots of weed on the road. The couple was sent to the hospital but arrested for drug traffic
Video Propaganda On The News Nancy Grace Claims Smoking Weed Will Make You Vio

Weed makes you violent? Posted By Ghost
Beating the weed in Kenya

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