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Good Morning Mr Breakfast Video

Apparently this man is very easily amused first thing in the morning.
LiveLeakcom This was my morning how was yours

Driving the Mrs. to the airport at 5:15 this morning. I was unsighted by the stopped white car. The video shows some detail in the blacks that our.....
Subway Morning Rush Hour In China Video

And you thought your morning commute sucked! I guess Claustrophobia does´╗┐ not exist in Beijing!
LiveLeakcom Mondays

Had the worst morning ever when I was late for work...again. Droped half cup of coffe in my knee, couldnt find my keys to the car when I finally got o...
Early Morning Shenanigans with Fiora

Every morning when i get home at 3am, she's a little ball of energy. Don't forget to like/comment/subscribe for more!! ** To use this video ...
LiveLeakcom Big ol girl stole my Trump sign

4:30 in the morning, my guess is she doesn't have to work in the morning.
Metal Head039s Morning Win CollegeHumor Video

High-fiving and head banging all morning long. Watch
LiveLeakcom Surprised First Thing This Morning

Not a big deal, but it did surprise me this morning with this unexpected discovery. 'Slice of life' for those that are interested, otherw.....
LiveLeakcom Sunday Morning Hell

Folks waking up this morning just East of Downtown Los Angeles off the 710 and 5 Freeways were greeted by this... 2 tankers collided on the freeway ca...
The Morning After

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Every morning, I wake up to this... Baltimore, Maryland Music: DJ Kenny Der (The Buddha) Facebook: Vine: @krewskiof...