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Why some gay men in Germany support the far right

Germany's far-right AfD party opposes same-sex marriage, but its anti-immigration platform holds appeal for some gay voters.
Shocking: Vatican Cops Raid Drug Fueled Gay Orgy At Top Priest039s Apartment

An aide to Francesco Coccopalmerio, a personal advisor to Pope Francis, was busted for hosting drug-fueled gay orgies at his apartment near the city. ...
Boys kissing

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entre amigos corto gay

Hola este corto me gusta mucho. De Martín Bautista. Adolescentes Gay. Cortometraje Gay. Corto Gay.
angry ex-paratroopers interrupt gay rights protest in st petersburg reutersc

russian police and ex-paratroopers break up an unsanctioned demonstration by gay activists in st.petersburg. pavithra george reports.
Does media coverage favors gay rights

Ben Shapiro, Thomas Frank and Brian Stelter discuss the media's influence on the issue of gay rights.
Garotos Roludos Porn Gay

Gay teen brazil
The 2016 Top 10 Best Gay Dating Apps Gay Travelling Alone Should Know

There’s now a wide range of gay dating apps available to find love, a date, or just some casual fun with gay men in your country or around the world...
gay pride participants struggle to understand stabbing video reuterscom

officials arrested an ultra-orthodox jewish man for allegedly stabbing six people at a gay pride event in jerusalem. nathan frandino reports.
white house lights up after gay marriage ruling video reuterscom

a timelapse shows the white house lit up in rainbow colours, a symbol of gay pride, to mark the supreme court ruling that the u.s. constitution provid...