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Breaking Up (on Facebook) Is Hard To Do


Hate Reading Your Ex’s Facebook Wall? Learn How to STOP.

Andei123 How to Respond to a Breakup Email

As a child, I was cheerful, but--as life progressed--I become more and more introverted. While I wasn't the same bubbly giggle-puss I was as a kid, I was far from morbid and depressed. Still, I was admonished to "smile" so much, I began to scowl in response to each demand to grin like a manical Kewpi doll. I'm still the same way: My smile in response to "smile" is so toothy and feral, people will take a step back.


And I am so tired of the "Pink Ribbon Brigade," I could just spit. I hate the colour pink. Cancer "survivors" are great and all--no one should die before their time and cancer is a horrible, painful disease--but good grief, save it, okay? There's nothing "sexy," "empowering," or "gift"-like about it. If you want to be positive about your cancer experience, that's awesome. But keep it to yourself while I'm enjoying my chemo.

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Dating And Relationships

Creator: Andei123
Created: 2018-11-23
Permission: Family Friendly
Everything from the world of offline and online dating and relationships



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