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How to Dance When You039re High on Life

When it feels good to be alive and this song is the first thing you hear in the morning you can't help but to break out in dance! How to Dance Wh...

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Trump: No More Mr Nice Guy Reuterscom

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he's

Shakeup in Turkey Reuterscom

President Tayyip Erdogan angrily rejects Western criticism of purges underway in Turkey's military and other state institutions after a failed co...

The battle for control in Syria one street at a time Reuterscom

New video shows fighters from a US-back alliance of Kurdish and Arab rebel groups clashing with Islamic State in Manbij, Aleppo Province. Deborah Lutt...

Clashes break out during student protest Reuterscom

Chilean police clash with students demanding greater education reform. Julie Noce reports.

Clinton: Trump should set off alarm bells Reuterscom

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump's

Democrats delight at 039first woman039 landmark Reuterscom

Democrat delegates say they're delighted to be a part of U.S. history as Clinton becomes the first major party female presidential contender. Pau...

Trump: Ridiculous to say Russia hacked DNC emails to help him Reuterscom

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump says it's

Clinton: We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet Reutersco

Hillary Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention via video link after becoming the party's first woman to be nominated for president....

Breakingviews: Bloomberg039s wet kiss Reuterscom

The former New York City mayor will endorse Hillary Clinton for president at the Democratic convention. Rob Cox and Antony Currie discuss if this is a...