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Twelve Questions To Ask A Child About Their Day At Day Care

When you spend a good part of the day away from your child, it is vitally important you connect with them deeply when you are together. Here are twelve great questions you can ask your child every day.

1. What was the best thing that happened to you at day care today?

This encourages your child to think about everything that happened and then pick the very best thing.

2. Did anything hard happen today?

Using the word “hard” leaves the question open for them to answer about something challenging or something sad.

3. Who did you play with today?

Become familiar with the names of the children your child mentions often. Look for patterns, and if your child stops mentioning someone, ask them what happened. It may be a simple “moving on” or something may have happened with that child.

4. Which staff member do you get along with the most?

Encourage them to talk to you in detail what they like about that person.

5. Are there any staff members who make you feel uncomfortable?

Ask for specifics and take those concerns to the child care center if they are serious.

6. Is there anything you could do better tomorrow?

Help your child set goals so they are improving during their time away from you. You can discuss these goals with the staff members if you think it would be helpful.

7. Did you help somebody today?

It is important to encourage your child to look outside themselves and think about others. You can talk about all the different things they can do for their friends and for the staff.

8. Did anyone help you?

If your child is feeling lonely or left out, this is a great question to help them think about others, maybe you find help online, for example

9. Did you say “please” and “thank you?”

Good manners are important and talking to them about it daily will help them remember in the future.

10. Is there anything you wish you could do more often at day care?

Have your child describe the activity in detail. If your child is really enthusiastic about it, ask the staff if the activity could be offered more often.

11. Was it noisy today? How do you feel about the level of noise?

Some children struggle with a lot of noise and feel really stressed. A good child care center can watch out for this and help your child have some quiet time when they need it.

12. Will you tell me about this picture?

Talking about your child’s artwork can help them open up. They may not be able to use words to describe what is going on. For example, if your child draws a picture with them standing a distance from the others, they may be feeling alone or rejected.

If you ask the right questions, you will get to know your child better and reconnect faster at the end of the day. Some of these questions could also be modified to help you in a search for a new child care facility.

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Creator: thincomme72
Created: 2018-09-17
Permission: Family Friendly



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