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Member since: 26 Mar, 2018
Location: 4408 Spicewood Springs Rd Austin, TX 78759 USA
About me:
About 500 Rockets Marketing 500 Rockets SEO Services When we carry out search engine optimization for our clients’ websites, we start out by carrying out an audit. This way, we can identify any current issues, after which, we come up with a solution to achieve the main goal and any other outstanding goals that are of importance. 500 Rockets Conversion Optimization Through conversion optimization, we find out all about your typical website user – basically, the people that you are marketing to. PPC Management 500 Rockets Marketing includes the management of PPC accounts and we help our clients to manage those so that they are successful. E-mail Marketing The e-mail marketing services that we provide at 500 Rockets allow you to reach out to new clients as well as current users. 500 Rockets Acts as Your Second Marketing Department Marketing in a very effective way – marketing with real success - can be an overwhelming process. While there are so many excellent tools available to help you, your marketing department may only really understand how to use a few of those with any real efficiency. In which case, there’s often a sense of being overwhelmed. At 500 Rockets, we work in filling in those marketing blanks. 500 Rockets is made up of a team of experts – experts that expand upon what you and/ or your marketing team are simply not able to achieve at this time. We bring to you the knowledge so that you can create your message/s, after which, your message/s are delivered to those potential customers that you wish to target the most. 500 Rockets Relies on All Online Marketing Tools We use SEO, we use PPC, we use CRO, and we use e-mail marketing. No matter which tool it is, if it is going to help your business to sell, we will use it. Costs of marketing are, of course, a further challenge. But we understand full well how to work within the confines of any given budget, big or small. Marketing Strategies At 500 Rockets, we create our strategies so that they are entirely unique – strategies that only are available at 500 Rockets. Your marketing plans are co-built by our man – a man that has a doctorate in Rhetoric. It’s likely that you don’t understand what that means. But what it really comes down to is, our guy can persuade - he’s the source of all fantastic ideas. More about Our Marketing Techniques All marketing, at the end of the day, is really only about making sales. The CEO at 500 Rockets is a marketing technologist. He has over 20 years of experience in the top-level entrepreneurial and corporate trenches. The 500 Rockets Prices and Packages If you really want results, that’s when you come to us at 500 Rockets. Our pricing will fit in with the size of your business – with the size of your budget. We offer a variety of packages and we do monthly rollover credits. That way, you can reduce your costs while enjoying consistent improvement that is a necessity of modern marketing.


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