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Member since: 17 May, 2016
Location: Sydney, Australia
Relationship status: Single
About me:
I'm seeking young adventurous thrill seeking women who want to try new things! And obviously young women who are attracted to older men. I am an outgoing person. I can be a bad boy and a real good man too. I'm intelligent, primeval, tantric and into sexual pleasuring in a very enthusiastic way. I am sweet and romantic or I can be rough. I can play the poet or the gruff. I'm always adventurous, done lots of interesting things. I'm into leather, lace, latex, licking, sucking, fishnet, silk, satin, and ropes and strings, I like the feel of flesh, chains and metallic things. Oil on slippery bodies, writhing on plastic or fucking while swinging turn me on.  I love to watch and being watched too. So where we might end up doing what and with who, you never can tell. It's only kinky the first time as they say, but if  I like something I'll come back for more, you can be sure.  Hell! What more can I say.


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